Who is Star Defence?

STAR DEFENCE- a consortium of Legal Brains, Retired high ranking officers ex Signal Military personnel, training experts and senior administrators with intimate knowledge of Telecommunication Systems. Star Defence Operates In association with consultants from the private sector. We have a combined experience of over 50 years combined experience in all facets of telecommunications, electronic warfare, Information Technology (This includes the information, applications and telecommunications infrastructure and Cyber Security Solutions), training and administration. We specialise in Telecommunication Planning on the following levels:

  • Strategic
  • Operational
  • Tactical
  • Lower Tactical
  • Propagation studies
  • Path profiles
  • Link planning
  • Network Architecture
  • Network execution and roll out
  • Command & Control / Management of Operation Centre, Telecommunication, Electronic Warfare, Signal Logistics and Signal Maintenance​
  • Execution of Telecommunication Plans for static, mobile and tactical deployments
  • Electronic Warfare planning and execution, including: ESM, ECM, ECCM
  • Mobile and Tactical Power Supply Solutions
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • IT Solutions


All aspects of training including

  • Course design
  • Preparation of curriculums and programs
  • Accommodation and Training Facilities in the RSA
  • Training based on a 20/80 basis with 80% being practical
  • Comprehensive Training Materials available on hard and soft copy
  • Design and Installation of applicable software applications
Star Defence will assist with any signal planning and implementation, be it HF, VHF, UHF, analogue, digital, simplex point to point or trunking type networks.
Star Defence will also assist with Electronic Warfare, specifically Communications Intelligence (COMINT) planning which includes:
  • Threat analysis
  • Target area determination and analysis
  • Required footprint and equipment on the following levels: Static, Mobile, Tactical
  • Electronic Support Measures, Electronic Counter Measures and Electronic Counter Measures are covered.
  • Star Defence, through the company’s strategic associates, can source the correct equipment and determine a cost effective solution to any Telecommunication, EW or ICT requirement.

Signals Training

We have developed a comprehensive signals training course covering all aspects of training, including:

  • Tactical Signals.
  • Antenna training: HF, V/UHF.
  • HF Propagation and planning.
  • Power Supply.
  • Public Address Systems.
  • Maintenance and repair (1st Line).
  • Fault Finding.
  • Improvisation.
  • Electronic Warfare: Interception, Direction Finding, Analysis, Jamming, Deception, Communication Security, Microwave Riot Control.
  • A detailed, comprehensive training and operators manual comprising 46 chapters has been developed for use by students, both operators and instructors, if in the case of “train the trainer”.
  • A working at heights and height rescue course is also available where students receive an internationally recognized certificate.